Yes, the service is unlimited.

You can download as much as you want, when you want, and you will never be over charged or without an internet connection because of excessive usage. However, if you breach our daily Fair Usage Policy you may experience a slower speed for the remainder of that day.

We offer a contended wireless service to our customers i.e. your connection is on a shared network with other users.

This is the same for every wireless or mobile internet service provider.

In order to make sure that all of the customers on our network are receiving as fair and equal an opportunity to receive fast and reliable speeds every day we enforce a ‘Daily Fair Usage Policy‘.

We operate with a daily fair usage system to ensure that all of our customers are receiving fair, consistent and equal speeds.

This ensures that an individual customers heavy usage doesn’t bring down the experience for other users on the network.

We do not count any data usage between midnight and 8am so any large files should be downloaded during this time to be exempt from that day’s counter towards your fair usage allowance.

Your Daily Fair Usage Quota depends on the plan which you have subscribed to.


Daily Fair Usage Limit

WiLite 6
4 GB per day
WiLite 10
8 GB per day
WiFibre 30
30 GB per day
WiFibre 50
50 GB per day
WiFibre 100
50 GB per day

Counter is reset at midnight whereby normal speeds are restored.


Daily Fair Usage Limit

WiLite 6
Up to 2 Mbps
WiLite 10
Up to 3 Mbps
WiFibre 30
Up to 10 Mbps
WiFibre 50
Up to 10 Mbps
WiFibre 100
Up to 100 Mbps

Counter is reset at midnight whereby normal speeds are restored.

No, you will never be over charged.

No matter how much you use your connection.

Data usage varies depending on what activities are taking place within the household. Here’s a list of some general activities and the data usage they require:


  • Streaming Netflix on low definition will use 0.3 GB per hour (300MB)
  • Streaming Netflix on Medium definition will use 0.7 GB per hour (700MB)
  • Streaming Netflix on High definition will use 3 GB per hour (3000MB)
  • Streaming Netflix on Ultra HD definition will use 7 GB per hour (7000MB)

Streaming Boxes & IPTV

  • Standard Definition Channels (SD) need between 2.5-3Mb per second to run smoothly. This uses approximately 1.34 Gb per hour.
  • High Definition Channels (HD) need between 4-7Mb per second to run smoothly. This uses approximately 3.15Gb per hour.
  • Full HD Channels can use between 10-12Mb per second to run smoothly. This uses approximately 5.4Gb per hour.


  • Audio Skyping will use 45 MB per hour.
  • A Standard video call will use 60 MB per hour.
  • A HQ (Higher Quality) video call use 180 MB per hour.
  • A HD video call will use 550 MB per hour.


Video Quality






Per Min
1.6 MB
2.66 MB
4 MB
7.4 MB
12.4 MB
Per Hour
100 MB
160 MB
240 MB
450 MB
750 MB

Online Gaming

Playing a games console online (PS4, Xbox, PC) uses 500 MB – 1 GB of data per hour depending on the game. Some games may use far less data per hour.

Online gaming does not use a lot of data every day. Video Game downloads or Software Updates can be very large in size. Grand Theft Auto 5 is over 50Gb in size to download, FIFA 18 is 40 GB and software updates for these titles can range from 1-6GB. Downloadable content (DLC) can range from 300Mb to 20Gb.

These can eat up your data usage for the day and cause you to breach your daily fair usage. We recommended downloading large files like this between midnight and 8am when we don’t count usage. Most video game consoles will allow you to change its update settings. Your console can even turn itself on, download the updates, install them and then turn itself off during the times you specify.

You can reduce the amount of data that you use by ensuring that you are not streaming Netflix or YouTube in high definition unnecessarily. If you have a 4K TV and want to watch Netflix shows in the best quality possible than feel free to do so. But if you are just watching a show on a tablet or phone than why waste data when you don’t notice a difference in quality.

If you are downloading large files such as windows updates or downloading the latest game, downloading after midnight will not affect your daily fair usage as usage between midnight and 08:00 is not counted.

Yes, you can view your daily usage by clicking here.

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