What are your Email Settings?

If you are using an email client such as Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, then you will need to use your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) Outgoing Mail Server to be able to send emails.

Customers should amend this in the server settings for their email account, usually found under Account Settings>Outgoing Mail Server.

Ivertec’s outgoing email server or SMTP server is smtp.iveraghbroadband.com

Do Ivertec block Ports?

Ivertec does not block any ports. If you need to open ports on your connection for certain applications then you can do so by changing the settings on your Wi-Fi router.

My IP Address

Ivertec provides you with a Dynamic (DHCP) IP Address. This means that it may change but does not affect your service.

If you require a Static/Public IP Address then we can provide you with one. We will send you an SMS containing your unique Static/Public IP Address. If you have forgotten your IP Address, you can locate it by Googling “What’s my IP address?”

NAT Type

Ivertec operates using a NAT’d network. This is common for internet service providers due to the shortage of Public IPV4 addresses in the world and will soon change once IPV6 is more prevalent.

A NAT’d network means sever IP addresses are all working off one Publicly Visible IP address. This doesn’t affect your internet connection or how you view content.

This can however be an issue for online gamers. When running a network connection check on your console it may say you have a NAT Type 3 which will prevent you from hosting games or accessing certain content for online play.

Give our office a call or send us an email and we can provide you with a Static/Public IP address to allow you receive a NAT Type 2 connection.

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