Designed for the needs of Irish Schools

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Why Anseo?

Anseo is a quick-to-setup, easy to use automated time & attendance management system designed to cater for the needs of Irish Schools. Using Anseo saves time and reduces effort required in collecting, maintaining and analysing student attendance records.

Instant Recording of Attendance

Each student registers his/her attendance as they enter school. Students use ID Cards or Biometrics to record their attendance.

Student ID Cards

Students love our personalised photo id cards designed specifically for your school. Can be used as identity or discount cards.

Improve Communication with Parents

Keep parents up to date instantly with their child’s attendance – text sent automatically on failure to register at school. Send school events/information through text messages.

Automated update of VSware/ePortal

As the students arrive and scan in, the information is sent immediately from Anseo to VSware/ePortal. First glance at VSware will now give a real picture of who is in/out before class rollcall.